Avatar and Special effect eyes

Avatar by James Cameron

Avatar tells the story of paraplegic Marine Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington), as he replaces his brothers place on a mission to Pandora; a moon that is rich in a precious mineral called unobtanium.

In order to interact with the native species of the planet, known as Na'vi, Sully and his colleagues must use hybrid suits that allow them to become Na'vi's.


While Sully is on the mission he falls in love with a Native called Neytiri who is intended to marry Tsu'tey. Eventually Sully is taken in and accepted by Neytiri's father. During this time Sully is learning of the greed of the corporation that brought him to Pandora and learns that they will stop at nothing to harvest the precious unobtanium, even if that means endangering the entire Na'vi population.

Avatar contact lens

As a result he decides to help the Na'vi's and defeat the greedy corporations' front man, Colonel Quartich. During the fight Jake Sully is injured badly, however he is recued by Neytiri and healed of his wounds. The Colonel is however punished for his greed, leaving Pandora damaged but still intact.

Navi with yellow eyes

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