Bezerker Halloween Contact Lenses

  • Ref: G2-1

  • Price:$34.99 per pair
        for 2 x Lenses which is (1 pair)

Berzerker Halloween Contact Lenses are suitable for most eyes, all lenses can be worn for up to 60 days and can be kept for a 12 month period, this pair of Halloween contact lenses offers no added vision powers which means they will not affect your normal vision,

We do not sell lenses for people with vision defects, these Berzerker contact lenses are for fashion use only and are suitable for people who do not normally wear or need to wear contact lenses,

Fitting instructions are available online with easy steps to handling and care to get the most from your lenses, diagram's included, Our best selling product is the Berzerker Halloween Contact Lenses, mainly because they offer terrifying results upon the eyes. special effect technicians bring you the latest designs you can find, making berzerker lenses the perfect choice for your Halloween contact lenses this year, comfortable to wear and easy to look after

All Berzerker lenses are priced in pairs, this means you get 2 x Berzerker Lenses for the price you see stated, we do not sell single lenses or show prices of single lenses to confuse,

Delivery to U.S. and Canada only, all items ship within 48 hours.

Customer Feedback

Emma, Washington, U.S. “sharp colouring really scary contact lenses”
Jon, Texas, U.S. “back for more Berzerker contact lenses last Halloween they were perfect”
Ava, West Virginia, U.S. “got some great ideas for frightening people this Halloween and these Bezerker lenses should do just that”
Emily, Rhode Island, U.S. “the only contact lenses you need for Halloween”
John, Kansas, U.S. “Great effects they give a real horror look to any outfit at Halloween”
Madison, New York, U.S. “found you guys by accident and I am so happy I did thanx for the Bezerker lenses”
Mia, Kansas, U.S. “chilling, frighting, fear, terror, horror that will be the Berzerker contact lenses”
Chloe, Kansas, U.S. “wow! Truly impressed with the effects these lenses give”
Elizabeth, Michigan, U.S. “very happy customer a must for all who love Halloween”
Steven, Illinois, U.S. “I got asked if they were my real eyes after the checkout girl jumped out of her skin, some people, had a big crowd around me, fantastic lenses”
Adam, Arkansas, U.S. “ideal for Halloween and any Halloween ideas, the ideas just start flowing as soon as you try a pair on your eyes”
Natalie, New Jersey, U.S. “perfect for a movie we are producing I have seen the final make up shots and the lenses carry of the horror look perfect”
Lily, Arizona, U.S. “if you are in the business to scare this Halloween you will need Berzerker contact lenses for your eyes, why go half way when you can reach the most highest scare factor going”
Grace, Florida, U.S. “Excellent contact lenses for Halloween, very impressed with the results from them”
Samantha, Georgia, U.S. “flipping amazing lenses”
Craig, Arizona, U.S. “when picking your contact look no further than Berzerker they are by far the best for looking menacing”