Boogeyman Halloween Contact Lenses

  • Ref: H8-2

  • Price:$34.99 per pair
        for 2 x Lenses which is (1 pair)

Boogeyman Halloween Contact Lenses are suitable for most eyes, all lenses can be worn for up to 60 days and can be kept for a 12 month period, this pair of Halloween contact lenses offers no added vision powers which means they will not affect your normal vision,

We do not sell lenses for people with vision defects, these Boogeyman contact lenses are for fashion use only and are suitable for people who do not normally wear or need to wear contact lenses,

Fitting instructions are available online with easy steps to handling and care to get the most from your lenses, diagram's included, Be spooky, be scary, be the boogeyman this Halloween bright bogey green lenses with a black splat around the pupil gives the impression quick special effect technicians bring you the latest designs you can find, making black wolf lenses the perfect choice for your Halloween contact lenses this year, comfortable to wear and easy to look after

All Boogeyman lenses are priced in pairs, this means you get 2 x Boogeyman Lenses for the price you see stated, we do not sell single lenses or show prices of single lenses to confuse,

Delivery to U.S. and Canada only, all items ship within 48 hours.

Customer Feedback

Blake, in South Carolina, U.S. “just got them and tried them on straight away, haha the kids are so gonna get a fright at Halloween”
Carlos, California, U.S. “The best Halloween contact lenses”
Jesus, Texas, U.S. “Thank you they look awesome, fantastic great A+”
Nolan, Texas, U.S. “we just tried them on the Halloween group we brought 8 pairs of the boogeyman contact lenses a few weeks back and would like to say Thank you, pictures to follow we are really going to be scariest this Halloween”
Cole, North Dakota, U.S. “brought these as a first time lens wearer as an idea for Halloween and have to say after trying them on Halloween IS NEVER going to be the same again, its just got one hell of a lot scarier”
Alex, Tennessee, U.S. “arrived today I like them a lot”
Max, Indiana, U.S. “A1 contact lenses Boogey man”
Grayson, Ohio, U.S. “everyone is scared with these on, there is going to be a big state of fear in my haunted house this year”
Diego, Quebec, Canada “trick or treaters be warned, they are going to jump out of their skins, thank you great lenses”
Jaden, Delaware, U.S. “boyfriend did even know I ordered them, he jumped a state when I came out the bathroom wearing the boogeyman contact lenses, what a sight looool”
Wyatt, New Jersey, U.S. “haha looking forward to Halloween with these boogeyman lenses”
Michael, Massachusetts, U.S. “boogeyman lenses rock”
William, Illinois, U.S. “I teach at elementary and have been given the go ahead to wear a pair of the bogey man contact lenses so here goes”
Mason, Illinois, U.S. “man I look evil wearing these, great lenses”