Brown Freshlook Colorblends Contact Lenses

  • Ref: O5

  • Price:$19.99 per pair
        for 2 x Lenses which is (1 pair)

Brown Colorblends® create naturally beautiful looking eyes subtle or dramatic, 3-in-1 technology combines 3 colors into 1 lens to blend naturally with your eye color, can be worn even if you don't need vision correction,

Perfect for both light and dark eyes, Brown Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses enhance and define your eyes, natural transparent hues create depth and dimension, whilst the dark colors create a beautiful bold change,
Brown freshlook lenses are priced and sold in pairs, the price you see above is for 2 x lenses, by adding to the basket once you will receive 2 x lenses for 1 x quantity,

Can be worn for 30 whole days of your choice, Brown Freshlook contacts are designed to change the appearance of your eye color and not your sight, no fitting is necessary, simply order online today to receive your Freshlook contact lenses,

Non-prescription and suitable for wearers who do not need vision correction,

Fitting and care instructions can be found online via the website giving you some very useful tips,

Brown Freshlook colorblends contact lenses come boxed with 2 x lenses in the box, each lens is individually factory sealed in plastic blisters and sterile, all Freshlook contact lenses are FDA and CE approved.

Delivery to U.S. and Canada only, all items ship within 48 hours.