Brown Superstar Contact Lenses

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  • Price:$20.99 per pair
        for 2 x Lenses which is (1 pair)

Brown Superstar contact lenses are designed to work on all eye colors, even if you have light eyes or dark eyes these lenses will most certainly work,

They are different from your normal eye color changing contact lenses due to the fact that they use coloring from normal eye color changing contact lenses and coloring from crazy style contact lenses, so this means the lens has 90% opaque coloring so your natrual eye color will not shine through as much,

The pattern upon these lenses are very attractive, they are not natural iris patterns and they are not totally crazy, but more angelic looking,

If you are more concerned about coloring than an iris pattern that looks natural these lenses are for you,

These contact lenses also boast the fact that they can be worn for 120 days over a 12 month period due to the thicker coloring on the lens and a more durable lens material, it is important you let these lenses soak in clean contact lens solution when they arrive for 24 hours and then clean and repeat again, due to the thickness of the lens they can feel uncomfortable for a while as they adapt and mould to your eyes due to the thicker materials, not all customers experience this but using them staright away can be really more uncomfortable than they are after soaking during the moulding period,

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