Colored Contact Lenses

This section contains contact lenses that are for changing your eye color, they are not special effect lenses that will make you look like you are from another planet, they are natural effect contact lenses for people who wish to change their eye color to an eye color that suits, all lenses in this Colored Contact Lens section are non prescription making them suitable for all eyes.

Our color contact lens collection falls into three main categories, natural, bold and bright.

The styles for natural eye color are Freshlook Colorblends these lenses give your eyes a natural look, next you have the bold look which is by the Eclipse brand these lenses work wonders on all eyes colors no matter how light or dark your eyes are, and the last category is Colorways these are best for brightness as they make dull eyes look bright.

Today there are so many styles of contact lenses to choose from but on this page we have rounded up the best of the categories, if your looking for beauty, elegance or sexy looking eyes Freshlook, Colorways and Eclipse are the perfect match.

Buying Colored Contact Lenses from DemonSFX is the best way, we are a convenient online store with years of knowledge with both make up artist and special effect artists from around the world, and we only specialize in high quality contact lenses.

We have served many movie productions and TV shows with our products and can safely say they have been very happy with all our colored contact lenses and special effect contact lenses.

Now you can enjoy colors like true sapphire, sky, gemstone green, blue, hazel, brown and many more.