Death Dealer Underworld

Underworld Rise of the Lycans

Underworld is a series of films depicting both vampires and werewolves. The main character in the series is Selene who is played by Kate Beckinsale, other characters in the films include Lycans who are a second generation of werewolves. Within the film are you will find the Death Dealers which are Vampire warriors created to combat the growing spread of Lycans.

There are three parts to the Underworld series, Underworld, Underworld Evolution and Underworld Rise of the Lycans, with a fourth release launched in 2012 called Underworld Awakening,

A few of the Vampires in the Underworld movies include Amelia, Markus Corvinus, Viktor and Soren. The transformation of these vampires is not nearly as startling as their Lycan counter parts; when they transform their eyes turn a startling shade of electric blue and their canine teeth lengthen to become fangs.

Selene in the Underworld

The Vampires have similar traits as seen in other vampire movies including speed, strength, endurance, heightened senses and regeneration process where as the Lycans display greatly enhance physical attributes. They possess super human strength, reflexes, coordination and their regenerative abilities are superior to most vampires. A few of the Lycans in the Underworld movie include Lucian, William Corvinus and Raze.

Death Dealer Contact Lenses   Lycan Contact Lenses

If you wished to act out or cosplay any of the characters you can do so with ease as Demon SFX offers many styles of special effects contact lenses similar to the ones used in the Underworld movies.

Lycan contact lenses are black contact lenses with a wolf eye light blue effect, these lenses would fit the role as a Lycan or Werewolf with ease, adding depth to your make up and costume.

Amelia Evolution Contact Lenses are khaki green in colour with black and light brown in details perfect for vampires. Consider these for boosting you Halloween outfit whether you choose to be a Vampire or something else that is really scary.

For Death Dealers consider Death Dealer contact lenses pale blue in colour with detailed black edging,

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All Special effect contact lenses being Lycans, Selene, Vampires or whatever you choose are 60 day wear lenses, this means they can be worn for 60 days over a 12 month period, they are also non prescription this means that they have no added vision powers so will not alter your vision or correct vision problems, they are purely for cosmetic use only.