Here you will find answers to the majority of your questions, please read through before contacting us, to save us and yourself time.

FDA Approved products only

The products we stock are all FDA approved, they are made under license, the manufacturer holds a valid 510K certificate to produce these products.

We only stock FDA approved products and adhere to strict guidelines to follow FDA and FTC rules, we run e-mail prescription verification checks. all customers will be e-mailed for their optometrists details to be verified.

I'm having website problems

Website problems
If you are having website problems please contact us ........ and we will see what the problem is and get straight back to you.

How do i contact Demonsfx.com

Ways to contact us Phone, Email or Live Support
We can be contacted by phone, email and live support, but the fastest ways to contact us are via live support and e-mail, e-mails are answered every 6 to 24 hours, live support is usually available 10 to 16 hours a day depending on staffing levels.

Please note when contacting us with regards to your order having you order reference number will help us assist you quicker,

1. Email: Orders@demonsfx.com

2. Phone: (0044) 239 234 8977

E-mail is the best way to contact us as we can have all the information to hand that way and deal with your questions and concerns in a professional manner.

Problems contacting by phone

If you are having problems trying to contact us by phone please make sure your question cannot be answered on this page, if not try again by sending your questions by e-mail, or even better contact us via live support where one of our team will be pleased to help with any questions,

with live support you chat online with one of on team members.

Are you getting more stock

Stock item question
It is very rare that we run out of stock as we continually re-stock our products upon sales, however should an item be out of stock you will find that it will be back in-stock within 14 days, the main times we can run low on stock is during Halloween on popular colours.

I am having problems with the checkout

Checkout problem question
If you are experiencing problems with the checkout please email us ...... and let us know where and what went wrong and one of our web technicians will solve any problems.

I want to change or cancel a recent order

Exchange or cancel your order
That is fine, if you wish to exchange or cancel a recent order simply return it to us at

Returns Department
P.O Box 855
United Kingdom

requesting an exchange or refund, please note all items must still be in their factory sealed condition, we cannot issue exchanges or refunds on items that have been opened.

What are the delivery times

Delivery time
Delivery times can vary anywhere between 3 and 21 days, delivery times are not guaranteed and it is very rare that they can take up to 21 days but we do state this to avoid disappointment as delivery is preformed by various couriers to different states which is out of our control, please note all orders are picked and packed within 24 hours and shipped so rest assured your order is on its way to you.

Where is my order

Where is my order
Your order would have shipped from us within 24 hours so you can rest assured it is on its way, as stated in delivery times there can be delays of up to 21 working days in some states for reasons out of our control as your order is with the courier,

If you did pay for extra express/priority shipping then you can request a tracking number from us ....., if you only paid for standard shipping then no tracking number is available and you will have to wait unfortunately.

Product is faulty

Faulty Product
If the product is faulty it can be returned for a refund providing it has not been opened, it is very rare that a product should arrive faulty due to the screening process, its is advisable that you check your product toughly through the clear vials before opening as damage is greatly increased once opened through poor handling, opened lenses cannot be returned as faulty.

Can i pay by money order

Paying by money order
Not at this time, but we can accept bank transfer

Incorrect product sent

If you have received an incorrect product we will gladly rectify this, simply return the lenses to ourselves with a covering letter explaining what has happened to

Returns Department
P.O Box 855
United Kingdom

and we will organise that the correct pair ships to you and issue a refund for the original shipping on your order.

Remind me how to return an order

How to return order
Simply ensure your item has not been opened and return to

Returns Department
P.O Box 855
United Kingdom

with a small covering letter of what you want to be done.

Company Details

Corporate Address Trading Enquiries
FCL 123 BV
Demon SFX
Keizersgracht 241/2
Netherlands (U.S. & Canada)

Registered Sole Trader Address
1 Grange Farm Lane
DN36 4GN

Phone: (0044) 239 234 8977 - Customer Support
Fax: N/A
Email: Orders@demonsfx.com
Web: www.demonsfx.com

How long for the refund to reflect back in my account

Refund times
A refund will reflect back in your account within 24 to 48 hours of us receiving the item back, refunds are refunded as soon as your return arrives back with us.

I am chasing a return that has already been sent back

If you have returned an order please keep in mind it can take just as long to reach us as it did you, all returns are refunded or exchanged the same day they arrive back with us.

I opened my lenses and they are broken

Broken lenses
Please note it is clearly stated in all our e-mails expressing that the items need to be checked thoroughly through the clear vials before opening and then if in doubt return them, damage increases once the lenses have been opened, if they remain sealed we can accept responsibility for damage, if opened we cannot as damage is usually caused by in-correct handling, by opening the lenses you confirm that they are in satisfactory condition and fit for the purpose.

We will not be held responsible for damage after opening the lenses.

We have seen bad reviews about the website

"on a personal note"

We can safely say that any bad reviews are either through the customers error, jumping the gun or through hate mail, we are in business to be in business, all items ship within 24 hours, we have cut off periods, accept returns for refunds and exchanges, and 20 or 50 complaints will never reflect the amount of customers we serve weekly, monthly or even yearly, we serve thousands, and we can always resolve legit complaints,

Through our experience we know customers are known to leave bad reviews if we do not answer a phone call at the time they call, customers are known to leave a bad review if their e-mail goes unanswered only to find that their items arrive a few days late and now its to late to retract that bad review that calls our company every scamming name under the sun.

E-mails can be missed for various reasons, one of the main reasons is spam, sometimes our spam box can detect your e-mail as spam and once that gets hidden inside the 100's of the other spam e-mails we get a day it gets missed, if you don't get a reply after 7 days then this is the likely case and we would suggest that you try using another e-mail address that you have,

Phone calls not getting answered, this does happen we have a phone line with answer mail so if no one answers cause we are busy or it is out of hours leave a message, but do not leave a message saying "wheres my order i want it" and nothing else, yes this happens a lot of the time and then we get a bad review, if you leave a message leave your name and order number and the question, our staff retrieve voice mails every 24 hours.

My order never arrived or arrived late, some customers claim their order never arrived within the review websites only to find that it has, we have seen cases where the customers are out when delivery is attempted and USPS have left cards a few times and then they give us a bad review, we have seen cases where the customers have given the wrong address not knowing at the time, wrote a bad review only to find out to their shock it is their error, again to late to retract the review or they forget,

Our customers are our number one priority, but we cannot speed up standard shipping, or provide tracking numbers for standard shipping, we cannot change the address once it has shipped and many other things that are to do with errors or beyond our control, but we can ensure that your order comes through and it ships within 24 hours, we do answer e-mails and we do have live support and we do retrieve any voice mails via the phones,

if you get no answer to your e-mail use a different e-mail address, if you get no answers to your phone call use live support, live support and e-mail are the best ways of contact us, moaning will not speed up delivery, delivery times are clearly stated and we will state them again 3 to 21 days, that's working days guys.