Green Goblin Marvel Comics

The Green Goblin the bad guy of Marvel comics

The Green Goblin is a creation of Marvel Comics and is best known for its appearances within the Spiderman films. Played by Willem Dafoe the Green Goblin is the enemy in the first of the Spiderman movies and attempts to defeat the webbed hero played by Toby Maguire. Dafoe stars as Norman Osborn, a leading scientist that creates an advanced jet suit together with a specially designed hover- glider that enables the user to freely move around in the air.

Green Goblin up to no good

Osborn's company OSCORP were also in the process of bringing together a serum for the United States army that would create a super soldier. With time running out and with the threat of funding being removed from the military Osborn decides to carry out human trials on himself. The serum proved to give Osborne enhanced strength and incredibly fast reflexes however there were side effects that the serum passed on to Osbourn included a split personality and thus appearing as the Green Goblin. Osborn also had a son, Harry, played by James Franco, whose best friend is Peter Parker also known as Spiderman. The green goblin makes it his mission to wreak havoc upon the city whereby their only saviour is Spiderman.

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Eventually the green goblin is defeated by Spiderman and his true identity is revealed as being Norman Osborn. His son Harry then vowels to take revenge upon whomever it is that killed his father creating the storyline for the following film Spiderman 2. If you ever have a fancy dress party to attend why not try going as the green goblin? The costume itself is enough to make people stare but for that real head turner why not use Green Goblin Contact Lenses to really finish off the outfit. You will find many contact lenses similar to that used in the movies including that of the Green Goblin, green contact lenses with a black perimeter trickling through to the pupil. Uses for the contact lenses doesn't have to stop there; whether you're out clubbing, at a party or even making your own horror movie the green goblin contact lenses are sure to make you stand out from the crowd ensuring a dramatic change in your appearance.

You spun your last web spiderman

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