Hellraiser and the Contact Lenses


Hellraiser comes from the mind of director Clive Barker and largely focuses on the subject of sadomasochism. Following Frank Cotton as he returns from a trip to Morocco his life changes entirely as he completes a puzzle box he bought whilst on his travels. After completing the puzzle in his attic chains with hooks emerge from the box and he is torn to pieces. Frank had released monsters that inspect his body until the films' standout character "Pinhead" is introduced who then goes about taking Franks remains back with him to their realm where he is forced to endure extreme torture of a sadomasochistic nature.

Pin Head

Franks brother Larry and his wife Julia decide to move into Franks home while he is away concluding he is simply away on a trip or doing a stint in jail. Whilst moving in Larry cuts his hand and his blood drips on the attic floor reaching Frank in his prison in the realm of the Cenobites. This allows Franks body to be partially restored and return to the attic where Julia finds him. Frank and Julia had an affair previously and Julia's feelings are still evident for Frank as she agrees to harvest the blood of other men to restore Frank's body.

Evil Hellraiser Gang

Larry's daughter proceeds to interrupt a murder in progress and is attacked by Frank. She throws the puzzle out of the window and manages to escape only to be taken to hospital exhausted where she completes the puzzle herself. Pinhead agrees to not take her back to their realm with him in return for the retrieval of one of their subjects, Frank.

Hellraiser contact lenses

Upon her return home she learns that Frank is now wearing Larry's skin and he brags about killing g his brother. By admitting this he summons the cenobites once more where the chains and hooks tear him to pieces.

Finally the box is disposed of by Kirsty only to return to the shop keeper that sold it to Frank in Morocco.

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