Lestat the Vampire and Contact Lenses

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire tells the story of Louis de Pointe du Lac and his 200 year long life as a vampire. Played by Brad Pitt we learn of his past as he is interviewed by reporter Daniel Malloy, played by Christian Slater. As the story of his past unfolds we learn that Louis was a wealthy sugar plantation owner in New Orleans in the late 1700's, a happy man accompanied by a loving wife and daughter. However his wife and daughter die and as a result Louis wanders the streets not caring if he lives or dies. It is here that he meets Lestat, played by Tom Cruise, a vampire that attacks him and gives him the option to either die or live as a vampire. Choosing to live rather than die the story proceeds to tell of Louis' struggle as a vampire. He rebels against hurting humans and opts to drink animal blood instead. Finally he gives in to the temptation for human blood and takes the life of his faithful house slave. Ridden with guilt Louis attempts to kill himself by setting fire to his house but Lestat rescues him and they flee.

Vampire Lestat played by Tom Cruise

Amidst an outbreak of the plague, Louis is wandering the streets of New Orleans where he coems across a dead mother and her plague- ridden daughter. Seeing it as the best option, Louis proceeds to bite the young girl, turning her into a vampire. The two become very closely bonded as the years pass and they live for many years as a family, preying on the rich and elite. The two agree to kill Lestat and escape his tyranny fleeing to Paris. It is here that they find a group of vampires and try to answer a question that has been plaguing Louis for years, how did vampires come to exist and how is it possible for such evil to roam the world?

Vampire Louis played by Bradd Pitt

During their time here their group of vampires learn that they have killed one of their own kind and as a result Claudia is murdered in revenge but Louis is recued by the leader of the group promptly setting about killing them all except for the leader. Eventually the story takes us into the 1990's where we learn that Lestat is not dead and Louis still wanders the streets.

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With vampires being so popular at the moment an outfit for a party of social occasion would be perfect. Top it off with authentic looking eyes and you'll be sure to be the head turner wherever you go. But Lestat contact lenses don't have to be used just for fancy dress parties. With their distinctive blue fill and black rim there's a million and one uses for them! All you creative student out there can use these lenses as part of your next masterpiece, whether its' for a film or photo shoot. And if it's turning heads on a night out you're after, then look no further.

Vampire Claudia played by Kirsten Dunst

All DemonSFX Vampire Contact Lenses are non-prescription meaning they have no vision altering powers and are therefore for cosmetic use only. They can also be worn for 60 whole days provided they are looked after correctly.