Sky Colorways Contacts

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  • Price:$26.99 per pair
        for 2 x Lenses which is (1 pair)

Sky Colorways contacts the way to go to add, boost or change the color of our eyes, each lens is maximized with small opaque color droplets that cover the whole lens in dotted detail, using this formation ensures that the lens is invisible on the eye but the color is not,

Perfect for those who wish to boost or change their eye color, sky colorways are a must for weddings, photos shoots, parties and all demanding chic events for fashion conscious people, a cosmetic miracle with how they hide the lens upon the eye,

Sky Colorways contact lenses can be worn for 60 individual days over a 12 month period from opening, they are easy to fit and come factory sealed in tamperproof small glass bottles,

Fitting instructions for care and also handling can be found online with step by step guides with diagrams,

Sky Colorways lenses are designed for people who do not normally wear contact lenses, they are for changing or boosting your eye color only and will not interfere with your vision, color results may vary upon different eye colors,

The price show above is for 2 x Sky Colorways lenses, that is 1 pair, by clicking add to basket once you are adding 2 x lenses for the price shown above, we do not show prices of single lenses or offer lenses as single lenses, buy with confidence today and get the look you desire.

Delivery to U.S. and Canada only, all items ship within 48 hours.

Customer Feedback

Aaron, Wisconsin, U.S. “A* STARS lovely color lenses”
Jeremiah, Oklahoma, U.S. “check out my blue eyes they are fantastic!”
Cameron, Ontario, Canada “very good quality coloring never had such a good blue before”
Connor, Montana, U.S. “strong coloring that stands out these blue contact are the best I have ever tried other are usually so weak with color”
Hunter, Louisiana, U.S. “nice blue and worked well on my eyes, thank you”